MotoGP riders Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso have congratulated Ana Carrasco on her historic title victory in the FIM Supersport 300 Championship.

Carrasco, who spent three seasons in the Moto3 category earlier in her career, held on to become the first female to win a solo world championship during a tense final round decider at Magny-Cours.

"I was very happy and it's also important for the motorcycle world," said reigning MotoGP champion Marquez. "Already Laia Sanz showed in the Dakar - and now Ana Carrasco in road racing - that it's not only a man's world.

"Women can be very fast on a motorbike because it's not only about physical condition. It's also about skills and mentality. So I'm happy, plus she's Spanish, so even happier!"

Dovizioso added: "I agree with Marc, I'm really happy about her race. It was an important result. She showed a really nice championship."

"It is for sure a great, great achievement," said Rossi. "Because it's not only a race victory but a victory in the championship, which means she was strongest over all the season.

"So I hope for Ana this is good for her future career, that she can have more good opportunities, and also for the future of women in motorcycling - maybe this result can help or push some other girls to race."

Following on from Rossi's words, the trio were asked if they thought it could be possible for Carrasco to one day race in MotoGP.

"You never know," Marquez replied. "Of course she won in a small category, four-stroke, so now she needs to do the next step that normally would be Supersport or Moto2.

"But of course go step-by-step, don’t put too much pressure on her because, yes it was a championship, it's time to enjoy it and then I hope she will move to Supersport or Moto2. In the future you never know, but I hope it opens a door for all the women to show to them that it's possible."

"You never know, but I think MotoGP is a bit more difficult, but I don’t think it's too important to arrive in MotoGP," Dovizioso said. "I think she has to be happy and try to go in different categories [first]. She can easily go to 600 or Moto2 and try to be fast in that championship."

"300 to MotoGP is still a long way, for a woman or a man," Rossi added.

"I think the important thing is that when you win a championship, try to grow up for the next season by racing a bigger and faster bike in another category like Moto2 or 600, and try to understand if she can be competitive also in the next level."