Daniel Ricciado says MotoGP riders “are going to kick up a fuss” over sections of the Silverstone resurfacing as he feels the track surface remains bumpy.

Silverstone completed a full resurfacing of the circuit last month, expected to be “three times as durable and ten times stronger”, following the disastrous 2018 British MotoGP which was ultimately cancelled by unsafe track conditions in heavy rain.

The old surface, which had severe bumps and was unable to sufficiently drain water, has been ripped up and replaced with an all-new tarmac from contractors Tarmac with the process overseen by track designers Dromo.

With limited track action taking place on the new surface before the British Grand Prix this weekend, F1 effectively acts as the new tarmac’s first major test, with drivers giving their feedback on the track after Friday practice.

Renault’s Ricciardo says the new tarmac offers more grips but is wary bumps remain at certain sections of the Silverstone layout which he predicts will upset the MotoGP riders.

“It is still really bumpy in some areas. I don’t think the MotoGP guys will like Turn 6. They are going to kick up a fuss, [but] for us it is alright,” Ricciardo said. “The rest seems pretty decent.

“The new surface is pretty good, it offers quite a bit of grip in some areas. Initially this morning it was quite slick and oily, but then it really rubbered in. So that will keep getting better through the weekend.”

Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas felt the new surface is an improvement on the previous job but were split over concerns on the bumpy track.

“The new track surface is better on the straights, especially between Turn 4 and Turn 6 where it was pretty bad before,” Hamilton said. “It’s still bumpy on the exit of Turn 7 and towards Copse, but after that it’s nice and smooth through Maggotts and Becketts and down the Hanger straight.”

“The track is less bumpy than last year which is nice; they did a good job on the asphalt and it was very enjoyable to drive,” Bottas added. “The new surface is quite grippy, but sometimes you can lose the grip very suddenly on new tarmac.”

The British MotoGP takes place at Silverstone on August 23-25 and recently secured a one-year extension to keep the race at the Northamptonshire circuit until at least 2021.

Earlier this week Silverstone also confirmed a new F1 British GP deal which will last until 2024.



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