MotoGP may have begun hosting Virtual Races for premier-class riders to compete together on a Playstation during the delay to real racing, but Moto2s Xavi Vierge is using technology to train with other riders during the enforced isolation.

A big fan of cycling, Vierge is using an online app to spice up his training by going for virtual rides with the likes of former MotoGP and WorldSBK star Marco Melandri, plus Moto2 rival Marcel Schrotter and Moto3 stars Dennis Foggia and Jaume Masia.

“I’m training as much as I can here at home," said the Petronas rider. "Normally in the morning I wake up, have breakfast, some gym exercises and then two hours of cycling on the turbo trainer.

“Before [the coronavirus restrictions] I was already training a lot with my bicycle because weight in Moto2 is really important. For me, the best way to have power with less weight is to train in the gym, motocross and cycling.

"I am using the programme Zwift where you can also ride with people you know online. I’m training with Melandri, Schrotter, Foggia and Masia. It’s really nice to be able to do this.”

Vierge also has no intention of replacing the real sweat/virtual views offered by the static bike for time on the MotoGP video game: “I have tried to play the MotoGP game but I am much better on a real bike!!”

Apart from training and keeping in daily touch with his crew on Whatsapp, the Spaniard has "started to cook a bit with my girlfriend and we’ve been experimenting with TikTok. We are trying to make things and do things to help make the day pass faster… do things we don’t normally have the time for.

“It’s an exceptional situation and we need to be focused on keeping to the quarantine, washing our hands every time we touch something and making the best of the situation for ourselves. Hopefully then we can try to finish this as soon as possible.”

While the Moto2 and Moto3 classes at least got to race in Qatar, where Vierge finished ninth, it looks like fans won't get to see a MotoGP race until June at the earliest.

“Everyone was really looking forward to the start of this season but safety has to come first and so we just need to keep calm, focus on making this quarantine good and then everything will be better once we’ve rested," Vierge said.

"Then we can enjoy everything even more when we start racing again."