Jack Miller goes into the 2021 MotoGP season as a firm title favourite after a superb debut with the factory Ducati team during the Qatar test. 

The Australian was the fastest rider when combining the laps times from the five days, and will be hoping to bring title glory back to Ducati for the first time since 2007. 

Speaking at the conclusion of the Qatar test about being considered a title favourite, something that has not happened since moving into the premier class, Miller said: "I enjoy it a lot. As you say it hasn't really happened to me in MotoGP, so it's a fantastic feeling.

"But the biggest thing is just to keep our feet on the ground, keep working towards our goal at the end of the season. There's such a long time between Qatar 1 and when we finish.

"So many many things can happen, and I think the biggest thing is to not get hung up on anything bad that's going to happen and just focus on trying to be better each time."

One of the few areas that was a challange for Miller and most Ducati riders last season was the rear tyre. 

Speaking about the feeling he is getting from it so far in 2021 compared to last year, Miller added: "Last year's Qatar test, I can't even remember what happened last week, but I never really had too many issues last year in the test, if I remember correctly, though I could be completely wrong.

"But I don't think that here it's ever been an issue, and the tyre itself seems to be working pretty well here. It's mostly just leaning towards tracks where it didn't work last year, like Brno or Misano or places like that.

"So I think we won't really know until we get to the places where the grip level is quite low. 

"We'll have to wait and see, first of all. I felt like I adapted better toward the second half of last season, than say a lot of the other guys did to the new tyre. And I feel especially since I got on it this year that I was immediately comfortable with both tyres."

The consistent improvements with the rear tyre came late in the season at Valencia according to Miller. 

"I kind of found it, let's say midway through Valencia 1 a clear indication of what I needed to do differently, and I was able to pass a heap of guys and then just charge my way forward. And then Valencia 2 and Portimão, I felt fantastic just continuing on with that," added the Australian.

"I found just with my riding style and how you had to put the load into the tyre, it's something I had to sort of switch up."  



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