Miguel Oliveira’s participation in the Styrian MotoGP remains in doubt following a heavy highside crash in FP1. 

Oliveira suffered the crash at turn three which resulted in the Portuguese rider landing on his head, while also getting his right hand caught by the handlebar. 

Oliveira looked dazed by the fall as he sat trackside for an extensive period of time. Following medical checks, Miguel Oliveira attempted to ride in FP2 but completed just one sighting lap before immediately returning to pit lane. 

Medical checks undertaken this morning suggested no fractures to his hand, however, more checks are currently ongoing to see whether the 26 year-old will be cleared to race or not.

In a statement by KTM, Oliveira added: "First of all, I’m disappointed and super-sorry for the start of the weekend. 

"During the session my brake lever position ended-up being very close to the handlebar and I couldn’t stop the bike, so I came into the pits a few times to understand what was going on and to look for better performance. 

"I went out again and ran a little bit wide in Turn 3. When I opened the gas off the racing line I had no traction control. 

"I spun in the air and before I landed, I think I was hit on my hand by the handlebar. This is what hurt the most. 

"We have been clearing any doubt about further damage to see if we can carry on and what we can do."