This week's episode of the MotoGP podcast sees Keith Huewen, MotoGP editor Peter McLaren and Podcast host Harry Benjamin begins with a tribute to Frank Williams before the trio are joined by Luca de Angelis, deputy manager of EM Motorsport.

After many years working to improve safety in F1, EM Motorsport moved into MotoGP this season through the installation of its digital flag panels, present at every circuit to provide riders with a clearer view of the flag signals issued by marshals.

Looking to the future, de Angelis explains the in-car and even in-helmet safety alerts possible in single-seater racing, and the added complexity of using such systems in MotoGP.

de Angelis also talks through the use of in-ear accelerometers to measure impacts and how such data can be provided to medical teams even before they reach the scene of a big accident.

Finally, de Angelis gives his verdict on whether the use of sensors or 'AI' will ever completely replace a human marshal when it comes to spotting an accident.

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