"M&M's"=AE Racing Team will debut their driver, Ken Schrader, in a new yellow and blue paint scheme this weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The new colour scheme is the first step towards fans of both NASCAR and candy being able to choose the new colour of Schrader's car and the new M&M.

Schrader conceded that, despite the new colour scheme, he doesn't look forward to Atlanta as much as he does some other circuit's during the year: "Atlanta is a fast track, and I have to admit that is hasn't always been one of my favorites - especially since it was reconfigured a few years ago. The racing has gotten better over the past few years as the groove has widened, and I expect to see an exciting race this weekend."

"We've had three straight weeks where the "M&M's"=AE Racing Team has had a chance at a top-10 finish, and bad luck has bitten us. We would really like to get the "M&M's"=AE car in the top 10, which is where it belongs. This is a great team with a lot of heart, and I can't think of any better place to turn around the start of the season than at Atlanta."

The new paint job is part of the Global Color Vote. On Wednesday, consumers started voting for a new "M&M's"=AE color - purple, pink or aqua - simply by visiting www.mms.com. The winning colour will begin appearing in "M&M's"=AE bags in August. The racing team will also be part of the fun this summer when Schrader will drive the winning colour car at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Atlanta marks the first race for the 2002 season of the yellow and blue Pedigree=AE paint scheme. The No. 36 Pedigree=AE car will make appearances at six races this season, including both Charlotte races in May, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Phoenix.