Sprint Cup Series team owner/driver Robby Gordon became the first template casualty of 2008 when the nose section of his new #7 Dodge failed pre-practice technical inspection at Daytona.

Gordon, who recently completed a switch from Ford to Dodge, arrived at Daytona with an as-yet unapproved nose section for his primary Dodge Charger although it is still unclear if NASCAR will penalise the team or fine its owner.

All Dodge teams are currently using the 2007 Dodge Avenger nose section as opposed to the 2008 Dodge Charger nose that appeared on Gordon's car. NASCAR has yet to finally approve the 2008 nose section.

Gordon's new technical partner, Gillett-Evernham Motorsport, seems to have dispatched the offending items to Gordon's team as they rushed to convert their Ford chassis to Dodge's in the lead-up to Daytona.