Carlos Villar, the Berwick speedway rider from Argentina is continuing his recovery at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital and has started the long process of accepting the tragic truth that he will remain paralysed from the waist down despite making good progress in other aspects of his health.

Yesterday (Thursday) the medical staff removed his medication tubes and pipes much to his relief after the surgery he underwent on Tuesday morning. That operation fitted a "box" for want of a better phrase, around his spine enabling Carlos to sit up and get ready for becoming accustomed to using a wheelchair.

It is understood Villar's inner strength has not deserted him and he is determined to make the best of his current situation with even the occasional wry smile crossing his face and humorous comment uttered.

Much of his pleasure has come from the many messages of support that have flooded in from all around the Globe including Australia and his home Country of Argentina as well as all over the UK's speedway community.