Jim Beam Racing's Will Davison has defended himself after coming under criticism for causing the multi-car pile-up at the start of race 1 of the Sky City Triple Crown at Darwin's Hidden Valley Raceway on Saturday.

The incident occurred going into turn 4, when Davison and Mark Winterbottom made contact. Winterbottom spun as a result, collecting Russell Ingall. Ingall was subsequently hit by Jason Bright, while Greg Murphy and Jason Bargwanna were also caught out in the mayhem.

Davison, who is currently 12th in the V8 Supercar Championship standings, added though that these things happen sometimes - especially when you are racing hard.

"They would say that [blame me] because they are upset but I haven't been to the stewards all year, haven't made contact with one car all year and I think they have probably been up there a few times more than me," he told the official V8 Supercar website.

"Anyone who knows me knows I race clean and fair so shit happens sometimes when you are racing hard. I committed to the inside and there was a gap there that closed. That's where the contact was made and I had the steering wheel ripped out of my hand.

"You never like someone coming off second best like that. We have raced together a long time and he knew he had been hung out to dry. He was on the wrong side of the track and at the last minute he knew there were cars coming up the inside."

Despite his explanation though, his actions didn't go down well with the stewards and they later excluded him from the results of race 1. He had finished in eighth place overall.

"Following an investigation and an admission by Mr. W Davison Car #18, that he had driven in a reckless manner approaching Turn 5 on Lap 1, the Stewards imposed a penalty of: Exclusion from the results of Race 1, and a $5,000 fine (fully suspended until 31/12/07)," read the full statement from the stewards.