Sebastien Loeb wins the Rally Catalunya - 48.2secs up on Daniel Sordo; Marcus Gronholm takes the final podium position while Alex Bengue and Jan Kopecky complete the top five...

Overall times after SS16 / Leg 3:

1. Sebastien LoebKronos Citroen Xsara WRC 063hours 22mins 01.7secs M1
2. Daniel Sordo Kronos Citroen Xsara WRC+00mins 48.2secs
3. Marcus GronholmBP Ford Focus RS WRC 06+01mins 45.8secs M1
4. Alex BenguePeugeot 307 WRC+02mins 01.9secs
5. Jan KopeckyCzech RT Skoda Fabia WRC+02mins 57.2secs
6. Francois DuvalFirst Skoda Fabia WRC+03mins 37.8secs
7. Petter SolbergSubaru WRT Impreza WRC 2006+03mins 48.2secs M1
8. Stephane SarrazinSubaru WRT Impreza WRC 2006+04mins 36.4secs M1

9. Mikko HirvonenBP Ford Focus RS WRC 06+05mins 01.6secs M1
10. Gilles PanizziRed Bull Skoda Fabia WRC 06+05mins 04.4secs M2
11. Chris AtkinsonSubaru WRT Impreza WRC 2006+05mins 33.9secs
12. Manfred StohlOMV Peugeot Norway 307 WRC+05mins 48.4secs
13. Andreas AignerRed Bull Skoda Fabia WRC 05+09mins 37.3secs M2
14. Stepan VojtechPeugeot 206 WRC+17mins 16.9secs
15. Matthew WilsonStobart VK Ford Focus WRC 05+17mins 57.4secs M2
16. Jari-Matti LatvalaStobart VK Ford Focus WRC 05+18mins 12.3secs M2
17. Martin Prokop Citroen C2 S1600+24mins 02.3secs J
18. Bernd CasierRenault Clio S1600+24mins 44.6secs J
19. Kris Meeke Citroen C2 Super 1600+25mins 07.7secs J
20. Alberto PiattoRenault Clio S1600+25mins 29.2secs

Overall JWRC after SS16 / Leg 3:

1. Martin Prokop Citroen C2 S16003hours 46mins 04.0secs J
2. Bernd CasierRenault Clio S1600+00mins 42.3secs J
3. Kris Meeke Citroen C2 Super 1600+01mins 05.4secs J
4. Jozef BeresSuzuki Ignis+01mins 58.1secs J
5. Michal Kosciuszko Suzuki Ignis S1600+04mins 30.6secs J
6. Conrad RautenbachRenault Clio Super 1600+04mins 49.1secs J
7. Fatih KaraRenault Clio S1600+05mins 56.3secs J
8. Brice TirabassiCitroen C2+08mins 41.4secs J

9. Filippo BordignonOpel Astra+33mins 31.3secs J
10. Kalle Pinomaki Renault Clio RS Ragnotti+37mins 40.6secs J

Notable retirements*:

SS1. Gareth MacHaleFord Focus WRC 04Went off the road
SS2. Aaron BurkartCitroen C2 GTAccident J
SS2. Barry ClarkFord Fiesta Withdrawn J
SS4. Jari-Matti LatvalaStobart VK Ford Focus WRC 05Broken radiator M2#

SS10. Xavier PonsKronos Citroen Xsara WRC 06Crashed M1
SS12. Julien PressacCitroen C2 Super 1600Went off the road J
SS12. Luca BettiRenault Clio Super 1600Went off the road J

SS14/15. Matthew Wilson Stobart VK Ford Focus WRC 05Lost a wheel M2#

* Under the 'SupeRally' system, retired cars can re-start on subsequent legs with time penalties imposed for however many stages they miss.

# denotes elected to re-start.

M1 - denotes Manufacturer 1 entry.
M2 - denotes Manufacturer 2 entry.
J - denotes Junior WRC entry.


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