Scott Redding open and honest with BMW ‘whether they want to hear it or not’

‘I will tell them the truth whether they want to hear it or not’ - In a bid to bring BMW closer to the front in WorldSBK, Scott Redding will remain honest and open to the team regarding new parts and whether they improve the M 1000 RR or not, even if that means going against his own suggestions.
Scott Redding, BMW WorldSBK Donington Park
Scott Redding, BMW WorldSBK Donington Park

Known for being authentic and very open, Redding aims to continue being that way in his assessment of BMW’s upgrades which have seemingly brought them closer to the top three teams in WorldSBK. 

Redding, who was a big advocate for wanting a new swingarm - one of the many requests he’s made since the start of the season, had his desire fulfilled during last weekend’s round five of the championship at Donington Park. 

A first podium with BMW followed what was a brilliant performance in Superpole from Redding. However, the consistency and outright performance that was shown throughout all three races was perhaps the most impressive part of his and BMW’s breakthrough weekend.

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But while it was his best showing as a BMW rider, continuing that level of performance will now be key, which Redding is convinced will happen.

When asked if Most will be a weekend where recent improvements are either confirmed as a success or not, Redding added: "Absolutely! But I don’t think we’re going to go backwards, we’ve been too consistent this weekend [Donington Park] and in different conditions when the pace got faster we got faster. 

"Okay, we’re still not quite there but we are chasing. It’s not one race where we are there because of mixed conditions and then we go back. 

"It’s a circuit that I like [Most] and it will be a good test. I believe we’ve made a step. It’s clear. 

"That’s my feeling and will confirm it in Most. I can’t see that we go back. We might struggle a little bit more which is possible but we won’t go backwards." 

‘If it doesn’t work I will tell them’ - Redding 

While Redding claims 90% of the parts he’s asked for has made an improvement to the performance of his M 1000 RR, the former Ducati rider is happy to accept that not everything he demands might work, and that’s part of being ‘open’ with the team. 

"90% [has worked] yes! But like I said, I’m also very honest with them and if I think deep in my heart that this works but it doesn’t, then I will tell them it doesn’t work," stated Redding. "I am very open, I am very honest, whether they want to hear it or they don’t, I will tell them the truth. 

"Whether I want to go against what I said; I could be like ‘this [part] will be the key’ and then use it on the bike and it won’t work and I will say it doesn’t not work. 

Scott Redding, Donington Park WorldSBK, 17 July
Scott Redding, Donington Park WorldSBK, 17 July

"They are open with me and we have to work that way. If it works then yes, if it doesn’t then no and we move onto the next thing."

Often the fifth best team this season, signs were there to suggest BMW have not only closed the gap to Honda - an argument could be made that they’ve moved back ahead of the Japanese manufacturer - but that their second-year M 1000 RR is as close to the likes of Yamaha, Ducati and Kawasaki as it’s ever been.  

However, the bike’s performance was only one piece to the puzzle in Donington as Redding’s form suggested he was also making the difference.

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