Martyn Bell, who will enter this year's Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship with a Schnitzer BMW, recently took delivery of the ex-Dirk Muller WTCC spec car. Unfortunately, the Brit also managed to deliver another Schnitzer BMW into the hands of the local constabulary...

Bell spent last week as the guest of Charly Lamm and Schnitzer in Austria, whilst the details of their arrangement were finalised.

"You don't choose to buy a Schnitzer BMW, they choose you," said Bell of the arrangement that sees the 3-Series, one of last year's works cars, in the premier British tin top series.

The car, which will be run in the UK by Geoff Steel, has been completely rebuilt since its last outing in the World Touring Car Championship with Dirk Muller at the wheel, with new engine and suspension.

"Geoff as far as I'm concerned is the only man I want running me, the fact that we are friends away from the track is just a bonus," explains Bell.

"Our goals are the same as ever qualify well and get off the line cleanly, we know if we can do that then we'll be in good shape."

Whilst in Salzberg to finalise the deal, Bell was given a Schnitzer BMW X5 as a run-around, but that vehicle was last see being towed away by the local constabulary.