“Wow, thankyou Mercedes!” Astonished reaction in cooldown room

The collision between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell astonished the podium trio in the cooldown room after the F1 Qatar Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercede
Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercede

Race winner Max Verstappen and McLaren duo Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri were exhausted after the grand prix when they saw a replay of the headline clash between the Mercedes drivers.

Hamilton took the blame for the incident which caused him to retire early.

Norris said: “George couldn’t do anything.”

Piastri asked: “Who caused it, at the start?”

Verstappen replied: “Lewis turned in too much.”

Norris said: “George couldn’t have done anything else.”

Piastri reacted: “What? Was it Lewis and George that crashed?”

Norris: “Yeah.”

Piastri: “Ha! Wow. Thank you, Mercedes.”

Norris: “Yeah, it made our lives a lot easier, huh? George was quite quick.”

Verstappen: “You know what they call that? The law of the jungle.”

A tired Verstappen joked that he was too weary to carry away the winner’s trophy.

He teased Norris: “Can you take it?”

Norris: “The trophy? I’ll break it, if you want!”

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