Proposals to simplify aerodynamic packages in a bid to improve overtaking in Formula 1 have been pushed through in a last-minute vote by the F1 Commission.

The regulation changes, including simplified front wings to aid cars following each other, wider and deeper rear wings, and simplified front brake ducks featuring no winglets have been voted through for introduction in 2019.

Under the F1 Commission such proposals can be pushed through with the support of just four teams, providing there is backing from the FIA and F1. 

The vote took place on April 30, which was the last day in which technical regulation changes for next season can be approved without requiring unanimity among F1’s 10 teams.

Despite opposition from several teams, the changes are set to be implemented next season following shared concerns from drivers and team members that following cars and overtaking has become too difficult in F1 following major changes to produce wider, faster and more aggressive-looking cars for the 2017 campaign. 

This view was highlighted again by drivers following a lack of overtaking at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in March, prompting a meeting of team technical bosses in Bahrain, where it was agreed teams would conduct their own CFD research in a bid to make progress before the deadline. 

The F1 Commission vote still needs approving by the FIA World Motor Sport Council before the regulation changes will be written into the 2019 rules. 



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