George Russell said he avoided feeling frustrated with Williams over the team's delayed start to Formula 1 pre-season testing, only finding it "annoying" to see other cars on-track while he waited to debut the new car.

Williams was forced to miss the opening two days of pre-season running in Barcelona this week due to delays with the final build of the FW42 car, which only arrived at the track on Wednesday morning.

The team eventually got out on Wednesday afternoon, but could only manage a total of 88 laps prior to the end of test running on Thursday evening.

"It was very important to get some mileage under our belt and just get a feel for the car," said Russell.

"Also I’ve only done about 11 proper laps in the car, but it gives us a good understanding of where we are at and the limitations and what we need to work on."

Asked about the wait to finally get on-track, Russell said he had avoided getting frustrated with the team, instead praising the efforts made by the crew to get the FW42 on-track.

"It has been quite annoying watching everyone on-track, and obviously as a driver you just want to get out there," Russell said.

"It has passed quite quickly because I have understood how much work has been going on for all the people building this car.

"It hasn’t made me frustrated. I understand that we haven’t got in this situation on purpose. Everybody is obsessed about it and they are working their socks off to make it right. That was refreshing for me.

"It made me quite proud of the guys and how much they are working. They have been up since yesterday at 2:30 in the morning working on the car to make it ready.

"It is a privilege to be part of this team."




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