An unwell Lewis Hamilton should be “admired” for his determination to battle illness throughout the German Grand Prix weekend, according to Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff.

Hamilton had been suffering with flu-like symptoms across the weekend in Hockenheim and reported he felt unwell on Saturday morning, prompting Mercedes to ready reserve driver Esteban Ocon on standby in case Hamilton was unable to participate in final practice and qualifying.

But the Briton took part in both sessions and went on to claim pole position, before an uncharacteristic error-strewn performance followed in the race in chaotic changeable conditions. Hamilton finished 11th on the road after two separate off-track excursions and a time penalty, but was promoted to ninth after both Alfa Romeo drivers were handed post-race penalties.

Asked if he felt Hamilton was on top of his game in Germany, Wolff replied: “No I think he was not healthy, he wasn’t healthy the whole weekend.

“But I think he did the most he could to get himself in an okay place for the race.

“Many of us wouldn’t have considered being in a race car but he did and he did feel better today but he can’t be physically in your best game when you’ve been ill for a few days.

“Having said that he tried to push through and that needs to be admired.”

Hamilton said he felt more mentally than physically taxed during the race amid the difficult conditions and revealed he has cancelled all of his upcoming engagements in a bid to overcome his illness prior to this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

“When it’s a wet race it’s more mentally challenging and this weekend has just been more physically and mentally challenging for me,” Hamilton explained.

“I’m only human. I don’t really have anything to say about it. It was a mistake and mistakes happen. 

“I’ve cancelled everything I have for the next few days so I’m going home probably just to sleep the next few days and try and get over this bug,” he added.

“It’s not really improving massively but hopefully over the next couple of days it will. I don’t think being in the car is any good.

“Just health is so important so I’ll just try and make sure I’m as healthy as I can be for the next race.”



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