Williams Formula 1 driver George Russell says that his Belgian Grand Prix incident involving Antonio Giovinazzi was the “biggest crash I’ve had”.

Giovinazzi lost control of his Alfa Romeo at the exit of Fagnes on Lap 11 and spun into the barriers, sending debris flying into the path of Russell’s Williams.

Russell’s front right was struck by a loose wheel from Giovinazzi’s car that resulted in the Briton suffering his own accident as he attempted to avoid the debris.

Both drivers were able to get out of their cars unaided and were unscathed in the nasty-looking accident which saw the Safety Car deployed.

“I saw Antonio hit the wall, and managed to have a second to decide whether to go left or right,” Russell explained.

“As I saw him coming out of the wall and sort of staying slightly to the right, I committed to the left, he got flicked over by one of his rear wheels and that launched across and hit my cars.

“So I was doomed if I went right, I’d have crashed into him, I was doomed if I went left as I hit his wheel. For a split second it was pretty scary seeing that massive rear tyre flying across the circuit with no idea where it was going to go.

“Thankful for the halo as I know with hindsight that even if that was heading towards me I would have been safe. We’re all very lucky to have that system.

“That’s why I sent the radio message straight away saying I was fine, I think that’s probably the biggest thing for my parents obviously not coming to the races, not that they can’t support me, but if anything were to happen that they’re not here.

“I guess it’s always worrying if they are home and see you in the barriers. Definitely the most dramatic incident I’ve had in F1 no doubt, and so far I’ve only had a couple of offs, so it was the biggest crash that I have had.”