Mercedes is weighing up whether to retain Bottas or promote its protege and current Williams driver Russell alongside seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for next season.

Bottas and Russell were hoping to have their futures resolved during the summer break but appear to remain in the dark ahead of this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, with both drivers refusing to directly confirm whether they know where they will be in 2022.

“There’s no news to share,” Bottas said. “I don’t need to clarify the reasons for that, we have a job to do here.

“But there’s no news, we’re going to focus on the racing and getting maximum points for the teams we’re racing for.”

Russell was similarly reserved with his comments, though he did reveal early discussions had taken place during the August shutdown.

“I guess no news to share at this stage,” he added. “Still obviously in discussions over the summer break but there’s nothing to announce one way or another this weekend or probably not next week either, to be honest.

“I think it’s no problem. Do things right rather than quickly, let’s say.”

Asked if he is surprised not to have his future decided during the summer break, Bottas replied: “Who knows, maybe I know something, maybe I don’t. But like I said, there’s no news to share.”

Bottas, who has been linked to Williams and Alfa Romeo amid growing suggestions Russell is set to get the nod for the sole-remaining Mercedes seat, insisted he is not being affected by Mercedes’ indecision.

“From my side it’s not problematic, it’s nothing new for me,” he explained.

“So the situation overall, I’m fine with it, completely. Just head down and focus on the weekend.

“I’m pretty sure the next three weekends will fly by with the triple header, we have a pretty good battle in our hands, as a team. That’s the main focus but, you know, things eventually will sort themselves out, and then we’ll see.”

Russell indicated he would be happy to wait until after the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix if needed because he trusts Mercedes will look after him.

“I think we’re both fortunate that we’re both looked after in ways by Mercedes and we both trust them to look after our futures one way or another,” he said.

“From my side, speaking for myself, there are no real problems. Whether it’s tomorrow, whether it’s after Abu Dhabi, I guess you have to trust the people who are looking out for you.”