Sunday’s grand prix was eventually abandoned after two laps were completed behind the safety car, following hours of delays amid atrocious weather conditions at Spa-Francorchamps.

Lewis Hamilton criticised the way F1 handled the event and accused the sport of running the race for financial reasons to secure an official result. Several drivers also questioned the decision to award half-points despite no competitive action taking place.

While there was agreement from teams and drivers alike that conditions were not suitable for the race to go ahead, there was frustration over how events in Belgium unfolded. Alfa Romeo released a statement on Monday morning saying the outcome “hurts” everyone in F1, especially the fans.

In a video posted on Twitter, McLaren CEO Zak Brown urged F1 to “review” the situation and find a better solution for the future.

“I don’t think there is anyone who would argue the weather was safe to race in, but we need a better solution as a sport when that type of situation happens,” he said. “The outcome should not be a race after three laps behind a safety car.

“That is what the rules say but that now needs to be reviewed by all of us, to learn from today and realise that we if are given that type of situation, what would we do differently to make sure the outcome is everyone gets their race in, whether that is the following day or it comes back.

“I don’t think anyone would say it felt right calling that a race, so we will work on this and hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.”

FIA race director Michael Masi indicated the situation would be on the agenda for discussion at F1’s next stakeholder meeting.

“After this weekend, and at our next meeting for next year, we'll look at a whole lot of things that you know we can all look at, to see what everyone wants,” Masi said.

“We're at one of those points that the FIA works with all 10 teams and F1 to develop the regulations. And so we'll go through all of the various scenarios and see what everyone thinks.”