Verstappen was on course to take a sensational pole in Jeddah until he locked up into the final corner, clattering the barriers in the process.

It was a breathtaking lap up until that point, over 0.2s quicker than his main title rival Lewis Hamilton at the second sector split.

Verstappen is set to start the race from third behind Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, although his starting position could be in jeopardy if Red Bull has to change his gearbox after his brush with the barriers.

Looking to the race, Verstappen believes he still has a good shot at the win even if overtaking is difficult.

“Well at least it seems we can fight, in Qatar, we were really off the pace,” Verstappen said. “It seems our car is working a bit better here. I hope, that tomorrow at this track, we can follow well and if that’s the case, we have a good shot at it.

“I haven’t really followed a car around here so it’s a bit difficult to say, so I hope it’s going to be alright. It’s not only that, we don’t really know the tyres, how they’re going to behave. I’m confident, of course, I would’ve liked to have started first, but now starting third is a bit more difficult. But definitely not impossible.”

Despite being “upset” with himself after his uncharacteristic error, Verstappen was pleased with Red Bull’s return to form after being outpaced by Mercedes in Brazil and Qatar.

“Today I’m upset with myself but it’s still two races to go, lots of things can happen,” he added.

“I feel good with the car, luckily we’ve been competitive, not like Qatar where we’ve been off. It’s a nice battle, it’s exciting, you go into a session not knowing who’s going to be ahead of the two teams. I think that’s always really cool for everyone.

“Hopefully it’s going to be the same tomorrow.”