James Davison was handed his maiden Firestone Indy Lights victory in bizarre circumstances during a rain-hit second leg to the series' Mid-Ohio double-header.

The race had three different leaders - all from the antipodes - in the final three laps as heavy rain immediately before the race led to numerous cars going off throughout the 20 laps.

Polesitter Jonny Reid led the first 16 laps before he was passed by Mitch Cunningham, who then led laps 17 and 18 before spinning off two laps to go. Reid then picked up the baton for a second time, and was the leader when the white flag flew, but mistakenly headed to pit-lane before taking the chequered flag.

That allowed Davison, who had started seventh, to claim an unexpected first victory in the IndyCar feeder series.

"I am really disappointed," New Zealander Reid admitted afterwards, "I just came into the pits - there is really no excuse for it.

"Basically, the yellow came out so I thought the race was over and done. I have never had a race finish under yellow like that before, and it just caught me off guard. I wasn't thinking, my radio wasn't working, and I didn't have any communication with the team. It wasn't working the whole race as it got water in it after the torrential downpour.

"What confused me as well was that the safety car came on in the back straight and then came off the track again. I slowed down, switched into first gear and started following it and I pulled off. I didn't really know what to do, and I thought the other drivers were going to follow me - but they didn't. I lost, and it is a huge disappointment. I feel a little bit embarrassed about it, but what can I do? It is just going to make me more hungry for a win in the future."

Davison's victory came after several near misses, and was reward for a steady race in treacherous conditions as he added to previous success in both the US-based FBMW and Star Mazda classes. His previous best in Indy Lights was sixth at Milwaukee.

"I had a very similar race to everyone in that it was very chaotic," the Australian said, "I went off down at turn four and dropped back to about 15th, but I was absolutely determined to get back to the front. I'm just so pleased to have won this race and to have finally had luck on my side.

"I was thinking 'has he made a mistake?' as I was pretty sure we hadn't taken the chequered flag, and we need to take it. I asked the team 'have I just won this thing?' and they were like 'yeah, you're showing P1 on the timing'."

The year has been a rollercoaster ride for Davison, not least over the past seven days. Having scored his first pole last weekend at Nashville Superspeedway, he was taken out by Reid midway through the race having been on track to achieve his first podium.

"This is a great outcome and I would like to thank everyone for their support, particularly the Australian Motor Sport Foundation for having faith in my abilities," he said, "You know, Jonny took me out of second place at Nashville - accidentally - but, if that's his way of saying sorry, sort of helping me out, turning this season around......"

Wade Cunningham took up where his younger brother had failed by finishing second, ahead of Pablo Donoso. It was former champion Cunningham's best result of the year, bettering third at Indianapolis, and his best finish since taking second at Mid-Ohio last year with AFS Racing.

"I inherited a couple of positions today, but I threw a lot away at the beginning," the Kiwi admitted, "The conditions were very, very difficult, but it was great coming back through the field. We had a very reasonable car, especially once the track started drying.

"I was fortunate to get to watch my brother's race because he was always about five positions in front. I watched him take the lead, and I was really happy for him. I didn't see him spin off, and I didn't see where he ended, but I assumed he was far into the lead. Unfortunately, he wasn't. He made that mistake, and then Jonny obviously pulled into the pits thinking it was the chequered flag - I'm not sure which mistake was worse."

Reid eventually finished ninth, with Cunningham Jr took twelfth. Cyndie Allemann finished a career-best fourth, bettering her eighth at St Petersburg, while Nashville winner Ana Beatriz finished fifth.

Championship protagonists Richard Antinucci and Raphael Matos, however, slipped back down the order to finish 14th and 18th respectively, allowing the American to reclaim the points lead by a single marker.

"I should have won it five times today, but I finished 14th," Antinucci reported, "It's just one of those crappy days.

"It was hard. There was a lot of movement all over the place. I spun off then recovered three places immediately, and then the yellow came out. Then I went wide, went off, recovered, and gained back another three places. I got put off by Donoso the last time we were put off the track - and a lapped car didn't see us and crashed into us, which was pretty pathetic."