Are MotoGP Stewards guilty of inconsistent decision-making?

Do you ever just get annoyed at inconsistent decision-making?
Francesco Bagnaia, Aleix Espargaro, Brad Binder, MotoGP race , British MotoGP 6 August
Francesco Bagnaia, Aleix Espargaro, Brad Binder, MotoGP race , British…

That’s how I feel about the FIM Stewards - this season, last season. 

At Assen, for example. Brad Binder was on the green, by the [smallest amount]. He went back to fourth place.

At the British MotoGP which was won by Aleix Espargaro, we saw Francesco Bagnaia on the green as he came out of Stowe.

Everyone could see he was on the green. He didn’t lose any positions. Why? Because the sensors didn’t go off.

But when you see it from multiple angles - the helicopter, the TV angle which we see - you can see that he’s on the green.

Because the sensors didn’t go off it means he doesn’t get punished. But that’s not the point. You’re relying on technology to tell you when someone goes on the green.

The Stewards look back at video evidence and didn’t see anything wrong.

It’s just crazy. Bagnaia was on the green just as much, if not more, than Binder was. It’s not fair.

It’s nothing to do with Bagnaia. If this was Enea Bastianini or Maverick Vinales, the video would be the same.

It’s the inconsistent decision-making which is just not right. 

We’re in the territory where the FIM Stewards are becoming like FIA Stewards in F1.

Terrible inconsistency. That’s the problem I have. Inconsistent decision-making.

Brad Binder, MotoGP race, British MotoGP, 6 August
Brad Binder, MotoGP race, British MotoGP, 6 August

Someone gets a penalty, then someone gets a penalty way worse for doing something that’s not as bad…

What’s the solution? That the sensors didn’t go off surely points at the technology that they’re using not being 100% accurate.

They could replicate that by saying ‘Bagnaia was on the green, Binder was 0.4s behind’. Surely that means he has to drop a place.

Brad Binder couldn’t overtake Bagnaia? Not the point. Remember back to the Austrian MotoGP in 2021, which Binder won, he went on the green at the last corner and got a three-second penalty. It didn’t matter because he won by [more].

He got a penalty even though it didn’t affect anyone behind him.

When are we going to get fairer decision-making?

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