Bagnaia is well on his way to making it back-to-back MotoGP titles after winning eight races already this season.

No other rider has more than three, while Bagnaia is showing the type of consistent form, pace and ability to overcome any challenge put in front of him that only few have done previously. 

One of those is Lorenzo, who won three titles with Yamaha before joining Ducati for the 2017 season. 

When he did so Dovizioso was the team leader, which remained the case for over a year before Lorenzo started to match the Italian on a consistent basis.

And having been with Ducati during that time, Gabarrini believes Bagnaia is more like Lorenzo.

The Italian told "I hold a lot of affection for [Andrea] Dovizioso, but Pecco is more sensitive. Bagnaia clings more to certain things, let's put it that way. 

"In my opinion, Andrea excelled a bit more in certain areas, while Pecco always aims for victory. I also saw this in Jorge Lorenzo, they try to give their utmost in the extreme. 

"Truly, Bagnaia is very, very sensitive in all aspects: aerodynamics, chassis, engine... and many times, his comments have left us amazed."

Since retiring Lorenzo has been very outspoken on certain subjects, but Gabarrini has jumped to clarify that this is not arrogance from the five-time world champion, but just a case of the Spaniard not having any filter.

"He might appear arrogant, but in reality, it's the opposite," added Gabarrini. "He doesn't have filters. He says what he thinks, but most of the time, his thoughts are technically sound. 

"In my opinion, he deserved a Championship with Ducati. I must say that many of the things we have on our bike now stem from Jorge Lorenzo's ideas and feedback. He did a great job, alongside Andrea Dovizioso.

"He's a person with a terrifying humility because sometimes, when you're talking to him, he doesn't want to argue and he says, 'If you say it's like this, I have to try it and do it as you say.' 

"It's something you don't expect from a five-time MotoGP World Champion."