Bezzecchi signed a new one-year deal with Mooney VR46 earlier this week, but has admitted Valentino Rossi and Alessio Salucci tried to tempt him into staying put until the end of the 2025 MotoGP season.

This all comes after Bezzecchi was given the chance by Ducati of joining Pramac, which he declined in order to remain with the Rossi-owned outfit.

"Of course, when I spoke with Vale and Uccio for the contract, we had the possibility to do a two-year contract," said Bezzecchi. 

"But I decided to do only one. Then, next year, many factory seats will be available. So, of course, the target of every MotoGP rider is to arrive in a factory team. So, it’s one-year."

While the decision to stay with Mooney VR46 is what Bezzecchi felt was right, passing up the opportunity of being aboard a GP24 bike ‘was tough’, he admitted.

The Italian could have had the chance to compete against Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin on identical machinery, something he’s not doing this year either despite being a match for both riders on occasion.

That said, one of the reasons Bezzecchi felt comfortable rejecting Pramac was the support Ducati has already given him, which he insists won’t change going forward.

"It was tough," said Bezzecchi when asked about passing up on a full factory bike. "Honestly Ducati is supporting us in the best way that they can. 

"We don’t have the newest bike but the support is fantastic, they try to help always. 

"They give advice, they work with us until the last minute before a race to perform in the best way. So I won’t miss any support."