The good news for Valentino Rossi is that he knows why he struggled on Friday afternoon at the German MotoGP.

The bad news is the problem has been clear for the past 'seven-eight months' and 'we don't try nothing' to fix it.

That problem is a lack of acceleration and the solution, Rossi insists, will only be found by Yamaha engineers refining the electronics.

After dropping from third place in FP1 to just 17th in FP2 at the Sachsenring, Rossi said:

"First practice was not so bad, but in the afternoon we tried to work with the used tyre to understand the pace, but my rhythm was not strong enough.

"I think the third place in the morning is not 'true', but the 17th place in the afternoon is not true either. I think that we can do better.

"But unfortunately the problem is always the same.

"In acceleration, when we open the throttle, we spin too much and we are not able to put enough power on the ground so we lose in acceleration.

"At the same time also we use the rear tyre, too much, so it becomes also difficult to ride the bike.

"But more-or-less the problem is that. So tomorrow we try to follow another way, try to make the best and we see our performance."

Whatever Rossi and his crew try tomorrow, it will be very much a sticking plaster rather than a miracle cure.

"It's a difficult situation because for me we have this [electronic/acceleration] problem since August 2017. And I've said about it a lot of times.

"But sincerely at this moment, even if it's July 2018, we don't try nothing. More-or-less we are like last year.

"So we have to be optimistic and hope that we can try something. 

"Because for me personally - and I said a lot of times to Yamaha - the problem is very clear."

Team-mate Maverick Vinales, sixth fastest and the top Yamaha on Friday, agreed with Rossi's assessment: "Right now our bike has a good package, a good base set-up, but the electronics limit us a lot. So we need to work hard on that."

After trying some 'small ideas' with no success at the Barcelona test, Rossi and Vinales are hoping to receive updates from Yamaha to directly address the acceleration issue during the Brno official test, in August.

All MotoGP competitors use the same ECU system, but the calibration of the electronics (the numbers) are programmed by each manufacturer to suit the specific needs of their bike and riders.

Rossi and Yamaha have not won a race in over a year, but the Doctor remains second in the world championship standings, albeit 41-points from Marc Marquez.

Vinales is six points behind his team-mate, in third overall.


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