Weymouth chairman Brian White has been pleased to see octogenarian Lew Coffin attending the reformed club's weekly training schools. Coffin, now 82 and living near Yeovil, is the man who helped many hopefuls take their first steps into the sport when he ran schools at Radipole Lane up until 1985.

And he hasn't been able to resist travelling to Dorset most Friday nights to take a grandfatherly look at the aspiring youngsters of today. White, who himself was trained as a speedway rider by Coffin 18 years ago, said: "It is just like old times really."

"Lew doesn't get involved out on the track because he leaves that to our training instructor Steve Piper. But he was in the pits sorting out riders' bikes, that type of thing. I think he thoroughly enjoys it." We'd love to see him again whenever he can make it to Weymouth because it is great to have him round the place."

Wildcats track photographer Jay Eastwood, a Weymouth fan since the mid 1970s, added: "It is hard to believe that Lew is actually 82 years old. He had a tear in his eye when he first returned to Weymouth and he told me he couldn't believe speedway had come back to the town."