Paris, 9 July - The Symes Catering Night provided excellent entertainment on a track that the riders praised as the best of the season. Kyle Legault was in top form in D1 action. He dominated the action and led all his races from start to finish including a comfortable win in the Main Event.

Following him home in this were Aaron Hesmer, Joe Heye and Marc Gauthier who made the long trip from his Pennsylvania home to take part. Unfortunate rider on the night was Gary Hesmer who went down in his final heat and lost the points that would have earned him a spot in the final.

The quality of racing in D2 has improved steadily this year and is now extremely competitive. Phil Mosquera returned to action after missing a couple of weeks due to an off-track injury and last year's favorite "Big" John Perry ended his retirement to get back in the action. Young Aaron de Veau was in sizzling form early on and looked as if he might also go through the night unbeaten until bike problems sidelined him in his final qualifying race. With Mosquera and Perry joining last week's winner Houtby and De Veau in the Main fans were hoping for a cracking race but in the end that didn't happen.

Mosquera grabbed the lead from the gate with the others close behind but Perry got his entry to turn three all wrong, drifted wide and in doing so blocked Houtby. De Veau grabbed his chance to zip through to second and closed on Mosqera but the Michigan rider met the challenge and took the checkered the flag with something to spare.

In D3 it was another Corinne Franic show as she topped the qualifying scores and took her fourth main event win in five tries. Following her home were Michael Small Tin Murray and Graham Wale.

At Welland, 'Jumpin' Jeff Orosz, one of the favourites to take this year's National Championship title at Welland in two weeks time, was injured and is out for the season. Ironically although Jeff has had his share of spectacular high speed spills over the years the accident that sidelined him didn't happen in a speedway race but in a flat-track heat early in the program. Orosz missed the gate and was not at full speed when he tumbled on the front straight in what seemed at first to be a fairly simple fall.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case and although he was able to get to his feet after attention and walk off the track a subsequent catscan in hospital revealed that he has a compressed, fractured vertebrae and his racing is done for the year.

With Orosz a non starter the other big three at Welland each had some success during the night with John Kehoe winning the one that mattered, the Main event, from Kyle Legault, Aaron Hesmer, Rob Dixon and Marc Gauthier.

In D2 action Chris Houtby dominated racing for the second week in a row and is now on a six ride unbeaten streak. This includes his win in the Main in which he was followed home by John Bennett, John Perry, Shawn Morrison and Tim Murray.