New Mildenhall promoter Tony Mole has made his first signing as boss of the Fen Tigers by recruiting Graham Drury as the club's General Manager - the man behind the hugely popular Telford Ice Speedway series.

Drury will be in charge of the team matters of the club and has previous managerial experience with Long Eaton.

He was co-promoter of the February Telford Ice Speedway event and was said to be the "guiding light" behind its introduction back in 1986.

Mole said: "I will be putting in a full-time manager, former Hull rider Graham Drury who managed Long Eaton for me between 1995 and '97 before other factors led to that closure."

Mole is intending to run the most amount of meetings in a season at West Row since the club's last full year in the old National League in 1989.

He confirmed: "We are aiming to run every Sunday of the season from April 28 up to, and including, October 13, with just three blank dates."

"Two of those three blank dates are 16 June and 21 July because of the involvement of the stock cars at the track, whilst the other date (4 August) remains blank because every club is obliged to this year because of the Speedway World Cup in England."

"We know we have work to do to build a team and re-build the support but when people ask me 'Why Mildenhall?' My answer is 'Why not?', said Mole. "I love the sport, and I've played a part in running tracks since 1986."

"I only moved on from Oxford and Hull because in each case I had very good offers from other promoters."

Mildenhall's opening meeting of the season on Sunday 28th April at the new start-time of 6pm against Wimbledon has been confirmed as a challenge fixture, meaning at least a further two more visits from the revitalised Dons during the year that should draw in big crowds.

Negotiations have started with some of last season's Mildenhall riders - Gavin Hedge, Paul Lydes-Uings, Darren Pearson and Tom Rowlett. Steve Camden is a Swindon assett with Swindon being contated about Camden's availability. Three new signings are expected, including an experienced rider/coach.

Mole is also soon to start the search for a new team manager and a track manager to take on the bulk of the added work, including the weekly installation of the sport's newest modern advancement - an air fence on the bends, one of only a handful in operation in the country.

Meanwhile, departing promoter Dingle Brown praised Mole but also expressed his sadness at reluctantly stepping down as boss of the Fen Tigers.

"Tony is a very well-known figure in the world of speedway with 20-years experience in the sport and a real love for it. He is someone who wants to see the Mildenhall club survive and prosper," said Brown.

Brown's association with the Tigers will continue as he will be assisting the new management over the early part of the forthcoming season.

"All that has been sorted out and everything looks in shape to go forward from here. I'm sad that I'm not going to be running it myself but I am pleased for the supporters," said Brown.

Also, Mildenhall's official website editor David Crane called on for all supporters, and not just those of the Fen Tigers, to show their appreciation of Brown's efforts over the years and sign a specially set-up guestbook on the website with all comments then being incorporated into a 'Thank You' card for Brown which will be given to him at the start of the season. Entries can be made at