Conference League action returns to the Norfolk Arena this Saturday when King's Lynn take on Newcastle, in a fixture that King's Lynn boss Nigel Wagstaff thinks could see as much action as the Elite League.

Both sides will be very much looking to win Saturday?s match but, irrespective of the result, Lynn boss Nigel Wagstaff is urging fans to turn up and simply enjoy watching two teams who, this year, have fully encapsulated the true spirit of what the Conference League is, or rather should be, all about.

"The standard of racing produce by the youngsters is every bit as exciting as in an Elite League match," said Wagstaff. "I've had fans coming up to me after matches saying just how much they've enjoyed the racing and backing me to the hilt by agreeing that the implementation of our youth policy in this league is the way to go for the club.

"Newcastle and ourselves have got things right as far as this league is concerned in that we are both putting the main emphasis on youth and my message to Lynn fans is come along on Saturday and be prepared to be amazed by the quality of racing."

King's Lynn's top two of Joe Cook and Chris Mills have already caught the eye of Premier League promoters this year when they've been called up to replace injured riders and, here at Lynn, we are very hopeful indeed of getting both fixed up with team berths at that level for next season.
Meanwhile Newcastle will call on the considerable talents of Joe Cook, Chris Mills, Jed Burton, Tim Warnes among others.

Unfortunately 15 years old William Lawson is sidelined with a broken leg and won't be riding in the meeting but teenager Jamie Robertson, who capped a brilliant debut season by claiming third place in the recent Conference League Riders Championship at Rye House, will be present.

Another rising star to watch within the young Geordies ranks is their No.1 Craig Branney who has had some Premier League experience earlier this year with Hull, although he found the going a little tough at this stage of his career.