From the ice and snow of Monte Carlo, through more of the white stuff in Sweden, the World Rally Championship embarks on a relative unknown at this weekend's inaugural Turkish Rally.

Although the event's March date has prompted suggestions that snow could again feature over the next three days, mild temperatures and dry conditions are expected to prevail. Some snow may still be present on the highest peaks and mountain tops. This fell over the previous week, giving Turkey a considerable amount of the white stuff! The rally weekend is expected to be run under fine, dry conditions throughout, however, the result of high pressure centred over eastern Europe.

Antalya - Turkey

A mainly dry and fine day for Antalya and Kemer, with plenty of sunshine. Heat of the day cumulus clouds may build up towards the latter half of the afternoon, turning the skies partly cloudy, but still leaving plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will reach a respectable high of 11C/50F at sea level, with 7C/42F over higher mountainous areas. A light breeze will be evident, blowing from a north to north easterly direction, just making it feel slightly cooler.

Again, another dry, fine and sunny day. Once more, patchy fair weather cloud may build during the afternoon, although not spoiling the sunshine too much. A warmer day is expected as winds turn lighter and back more easterly as the day progresses. A high of 16C at sea level is expected - which is a pleasant 61F - not feeling bad at all. Further up into the hills and mountains, a high of 12C/52F can be expected.

Very much a repeat performance, although there is just a very small risk of a shower moving up from the Mediterranean - a risk no higher than 10 per cent. Bright skies should prevail for most of the day, although there will be more cloud around. Temperatures will be just a shade cooler as the high pressure responsible for the fine weather slips further east, although still giving a very good 15C/58F at sea level, and 11C/50F at higher altitudes.

All forecasts kindly provided by Martin Chuter CNS