After the exhilaration of yesterday's Superpole success, today [Sunday] saw Troy Corser leave Oschersleben bruised and disappointed.

Engine problems in both 28-lap races robbed Corser of his best weekend's prospects this season.

A small oil seepage in race one caused him to ease the pace and try and finish the race when he was on course for a podium. But despite that, he still managed to finish in fourth place.

After the race, Corser wanted to change the engine on the bike rather then repair it, but the team told him that they had found the problem and all would be OK for race two. But there was a problem in the second race and this time oil went on to his rear tyre and caused him to highside at the chicane at the end of the back straight. Corser went flying though the air and then heavily hit the haybales in front of the tyre wall headfirst. Luckily he escaped with only a bruised mouth, right elbow and right knee, but it could've been so much worse.

"This should've been our best weekend of the season," he commented, "but in the end it was a bit of a disappointment. The problem was really the same for both races and I suppose I was lucky to get fourth in the first race, when I probably should've pulled in instead.

"In the first race, I noticed a bit of oil on my footrest after about half race distance, so I dropped the pace a little and tried to leave a gap between me and the other riders. I should've pulled in, but I kept going because I wanted to get a good finish and some decent points.

"After the race, I thought that maybe they'd change the engine or ask me to use my number two bike, but they found the problem and I went out on my sighting lap. When I returned to the grid, I saw a few spots of oil in the belly pan and told my mechanics. They thought it was a gearshift seal this time and replaced it on the grid and so I began the race.

"I made a good start and then lost some ground after the first charge. The bike felt a bit slow on the straights but I kept at it until eight laps or so, when I felt a bit of oil on the footpegs again. I monitored the situation for a few laps and thought maybe I could finish the race if I was careful.

"But soon I knew that was not possible so I was ready to pull in. Exiting the last corner on to the back straight my foot slipped off the footpeg big time. Then at the chicane, there was enough oil on the rear tyre to make the back suddenly came round and before I knew it I was in the air. I hit the haybales headfirst and banged my face, elbow and knee. Why there was no airfence there I don't know, but I could've hurt myself much more then I did, so I was lucky. It was nit the way the weekend should've gone, but at least I wasn't seriously injured."