WorldSBK tyre supplier Pirelli have confirmed a new Superpole and sprint race option will be introduced for the upcoming season. 

Previously the SCX tyre was used heavily for the ten lap Superpole race, however, with efficient durability many riders also used it as an option for the longer feature races. 

That’s not expected to be the case for the Italian manufacturer’s all-new SCQ tyre which is considered a ‘Superpole race-only tyre’. 

The SCQ option made its debut at the end of 2021 and generated positive feedback with the exception of BMW requesting another tyre. 

"What we are preparing mostly for 2022 are tyres related mostly to Superpole and the Tissot Superpole Race," Pirelli Motorsport Director Giorgio Barbier told the official World Superbike website. 

"This will be called the SCQ tyre as a qualifier but it’s not really – it will just be related to these two moments. 

"So that means that the tyre is able to do 10 laps, as was for the SCX tyre two years ago. Now, the SCX is being used by everyone in all of the conditions, so we had to make something new."

Two teams who tested the new tyre in December are Kawasaki and Honda, who are taking part in their first testing of 2022 today and tomorrow (Jerez). 

Barbier continued: "In the December test last year, we already had a couple of new rear solutions, and we have a couple of new ones for this test and at Portimao. 

"We expect that from here and from Portimao, we’ll have enough information to prepare something for the first Aragon race, Assen and probably Estoril as well. 

"This will be the first tyre for the beginning of the spring in Europe, then we will look at something for the hot season in summer. 

"That will be the most important work for the next season coming, with the SCQ on the rear, and we will go ahead on the fronts as well with the last test we did during the final European rounds of last year."