Explained: How FIA ruled in Fernando Alonso vs Haas drama

Fernando Alonso’s penalty at the F1 United States Grand Prix has been overturned by the FIA.
Fernando Alonso (ESP), Alpine F1 Team
Fernando Alonso (ESP), Alpine F1 Team

Alonso had been penalised after finishing seventh in a car that had a loose mirror, which eventually fell off.

Haas lodged a complaint at the veteran Spaniard on the grounds that he was driving unsafely.

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Haas’ complaint was lodged outside of the allotted time but was upheld by the FIA anyway.

Alpine then requested a right to review the FIA stewards’ decision.

But the FIA have now ruled in Alpine’s favour so Alonso will retain the six points he scored in Austin.

Alonso had warned ahead of the ruling: "It will open a huge problem for the future in F1. I think 50, 60, 70 per cent of the cars will have to retire the car when they have an aerodynamic device that is not properly fixed because it’s going to be unsafe, the car. 

“If 20 minutes too late is okay to protest, is one month too late? Is one hour too late? Is 10 years too late? When is too late? So as I said, this is a very important day for our sport. I don’t care about seventh, you know? I’m not fighting for the world championship. but if this goes ahead, I think we don’t want to open that box.” 

Alonso had earlier been in a 180mph crash with Lance Stroll - his future teammate when they line up together in the F1 2023 driver line-up.

Alonso was lifted into the air and crashed back down - he rejoined last, before a brilliant drive took him into the points.

Alonso enters the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix ninth in the F1 standings.

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