Red Bull are on the cusp of wrapping up another F1 constructors’ championship.

This weekend became their first significant chance after they failed to do so in Singapore (they needed a 1-2 finish, with Mercedes scoring minimal points).

Red Bull’s F1 2023 unbeaten streak finally ended last weekend as Carlos Sainz secured Ferrari’s first win in over 12 months.

Max Verstappen - who cannot win the title until Qatar in two weeks - only managed fifth after qualifying outside of the top 10.

However, Red Bull are very likely to secure the F1 constructors’ championship this weekend.

Here’s what they need to do…

Red Bull are 308 points ahead of Mercedes and Ferrari by 332 points.

If they leave Suzuka with a 309-point lead or more then they will be 2023 F1 constructors’ champions.

Red Bull must outscore Mercedes by at least one-point at the Japanese GP.

They must also ensure Ferrari don’t outscore them by 24 points or more. 

Red Bull have only been outscored by Mercedes at one event this year (Singapore).

On the other hand, Ferrari haven’t outscored them by 24 points or more since Bahrain last year.