Kimi Raikkonen expects the Formula 1 track limits debate to create the “same stories” during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

Track limits have been at the center of debate following recent incidents at the Canadian and French grands prix, with both Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo being hit with time penalties during last weekend’s race in France.

Austria’s Red Bull Ring has undergone track modification work in recent years, with many of the grass and gravel areas being replaced by astro-turf and run-off, which has led to track limits being abused and subsequently resulted in the installation of large sausage kerbs, which in turn have created problems with cars being damaged.

“I’ve always enjoyed it here, as a place it’s nice and generally the track gives good racing,” Raikkonen said. “It hasn’t changed an awful lot from the first time I came here in 2001.

“The first corner has changed a bit and also the run-off areas. A lot of things have been done because of Moto GP and I understand it because for them it’s quite a dangerous sport - when they hit the grass parts it’s game over.

“We’ll see, usually it’s the same conversations, with track limits on the last corner, but I don’t know if the kerbs have changed. It will be the same stories.”

One of Ricciardo’s time penalties was received after he passed Raikkonen on the final lap with all four wheels outside of the white lines on the run to Signes.

Asked if he felt Ricciardo’s penalty was deserved, Raikkonen replied: “I think on the first he’s a bit on the limit, I think he went off and then came back, so you can go either way.

“In the second one I knew there was a track limit somewhere, especially on the straights. In the corners it’s a bit difficult to say if it’s an advantage or not.

“But if he wanted to go right he could, but from the rules that I know something was going to happen. That’s where he went to but if there was a wall there he wouldn’t have passed me, as simple as that.

“We all know the rules, but you’re not thinking of the rules when we’re driving. We make a decision and probably as he was getting past me he was thinking “let’s see what will happen” but it had to be something.”



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