The revamped Zandvoort circuit has been shown off in new gameplay footage released by Codemasters of the upcoming F1 2020 video game.

Zandvoort was due to host the returning Dutch Grand Prix for the first time following a 35-year absence this weekend, but the race was among the opening 10 rounds of the 2020 Formula 1 season to be postponed with racing on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the real-world delays caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the F1 2020 video game remains on course to be released this summer on July 10.

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Ahead of what would have been the Dutch Grand Prix this weekend, Codemasters has provided a snapshot of the gameplay with a full lap of the re-profiled Zandvoort track driven by Max Verstappen in his Red Bull RB16 challenger.

The footage reveals the full extent of the changes made to the circuit, including the two new banked corners that have been added.

"The team has done an incredible job in recreating every aspect of the circuit," Lee Mather, F1 franchise game director at Codemasters, said.

"The banked final corner heading into the long straight is something players are going to enjoy.

"Zandvoort is highly technical with height variation, blind crests and unsighted braking points and corner apexes. It's an onslaught on the senses and doesn't give players a moment to rest.”

Codemasters also revealed the cover art for the F1 2020 video game, which features six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on the UK version.

You can see the full gameplay and completed lap of Zandvoort below.