Without having even completed a flying lap, the current MotoGP championship leader was seen pulling off track on the exit of turn four before waving and gesturing in the direction of Marini in a bid to entice the Italian to come past. 

Clearly unhappy that he was being followed by a Ducati rider - not the first time that’s happened in 2022 - Quartararo eventually got his wish but not before Marini spent a few laps behind the reigning world champion.

But when asked about his intentions after FP2, Marini said there was nothing behind it and that part of his reason for following Quartararo was because of how strong he was in 2019 when battling Marc Marquez

Marini stated: "Nothing in particular. I tried to understand his lines, how he rides here because in 2019 - in my opinion - he was the best [rider in the race]. 

"His riding style was really perfect during the race and he just missed a little bit of tyre management compared to Marc in my opinion. In the last five laps Marc had something more. But it was just this. 

"It’s the first time for me here in MotoGP so I was following him because he’s also close to me in the garage and it’s easier to start with him. But it was nothing in particular. 

"It’s better for him that I follow him with used tyres in FP2 than in qualifying and make him nervous. 

"Marquez did this every time and nobody bothers Marquez for this. For me, things just goes on and he also followed me. It’s just something that happens in every race [weekend] in every practice."

Quartararo was then followed by another Ducati in the form of Fabio Di Giannantonio during the final stages of FP2, but like Marini, Di Giannantonio had no motive behind it aside from wanting to improve his overall position. 

Di Giannantonio said: "I’m trying to go alone in this final part of the season because I think now I have to focus on myself and also prepare myself for next year. 

"At the end of the session I crashed and I rejoined with the same bike that was just repaired so I just needed a tow. I just asked Fabio, ‘please can we go together’ [laughs]. 

"It was just to see if he can help me a little bit with the slipstream. But the feeling was a little bit worse than this morning so we couldn’t improve."