Yamaha tipped as “big loser” with “no Plan C” in fight to acquire satellite team

Pramac's future unresolved but "something happened" to change things in Le Mans...

Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP, Spanish MotoGP, 26 April
Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP, Spanish MotoGP, 26 April

Yamaha will reportedly miss out on their big hope of acquiring a satellite team for next season.

The Japanese manufacturer, after signing star rider Fabio Quartararo to a big-money new contract, has prioritised adding two extra bikes to their ranks for 2025.

Yamaha were rejected unexpectedly by VR46 despite the mutual link of Valentino Rossi.

They turned their attention to Pramac and are waiting to hear back after making an attractive offer.

But “something happened” in Le Mans last weekend, according to Motorsport, which increased Pramac’s chances of staying with Ducati from 50-50 to 95%.

A Yamaha staff member was quoted: "Our first alternative was always VR46, but we couldn't convince them.

“So plan B is Pramac, and we hope they will accept the offer we have made them."

But Yamaha also admitted: "There is no plan C.

"We are hopeful that Pramac will accept our offer, which is very interesting. Otherwise we don't have an alternative in mind."

Yamaha are now set to be the “big loser” of this ongoing saga, and will be forced to stick with just two bikes in the 2025 MotoGP rider line-up.

Pramac have until the end of July to confirm to Ducati whether they activate a clause in their contract to remain with the manufacturer for two more years.

If Pramac decide to stay, they are expected to retain access to factory-spec bikes.

But Paolo Campinoti reportedly entertained the offer from Yamaha because of competition between Pramac and VR46 within the Ducati clan.

He was not confident of his team’s ability to retain their status within Ducati after 2026, when the new MotoGP regulations kick in.

Campinoti was “seriously considering” the offer to switch to Yamaha next year.

That is now seemingly less and less likely to happen.

Ducati are carefully balancing this issue over their satellite teams with their big rider decision.

Enea Bastianini, Jorge Martin and Marc Marquez all want the 2025 factory bike.

A Plan B - at least for Bastianini or Marquez - could be Pramac, if they stay with Ducati.

But if they don’t, options for the riders would dramatically change.

Meanwhile, Yamaha will be forced to endure a setback in their recovery plans. The addition of a satellite team was reportedly “one of the arguments” that convinced Quartararo to sign a new deal.

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