Pirelli confirm all-new SCQ tyre to replace previous Q option for 2022

Pirelli officially confirm an all-new SCQ tyre will be made available for both WorldSBK qualifying and its 10-lap Superpole race.
Pirelli tyres, Czech WorldSBK 6 August 2021
Pirelli tyres, Czech WorldSBK 6 August 2021
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The new SCQ WorldSBK tyre will replace its previous model named ‘Q’ which will be eliminated completely from the Italian manufacturer’s tyre options. 

While the Q tyre was specifically based around qualifying with the option of racing with it, the new SCQ option is being aimed at both the Superpole and Tissot Superpole sessions, even though results have so far shown it to be a challenge reaching that distance. 

It’s also unlikely to be anything more than that as feature length races are expected to be dominated by the standard SCX and SC0 options.

Speaking about the new tyre option, Pirelli’s Motorsport Director Giorgio Barbier added: "We know the target is to reach the level of the Superpole Race, ten laps. For the moment, the results we achieved in the winter tests just achieved two, four or five laps. 

"The first target for us is to be faster than the SCX in order to give the riders a chance to make the Superpole properly. 

"Then, when the tyres will be developed enough, we will make them for the Superpole Race. 

"At the moment, we saw this in the winter tests, and we prepared a new version that will be available at the test in order to, maybe, change the spec for Estoril. For the first two races, the SCQ will remain what it is now."

In terms of new tyres, that’s not all as Pirelli brought forward a new front option for the recent two-day WorldSBK test in Catalunya, a test that was topped by reigning world champion Toprak Razgatlioglu. 

The tyres used by many included a new SC1 and SC2 option which Barbier claimed is working well at most venues, except Catalunya, Mandalika and Assen where tyre wear is proving very high. 

Barbier continued by saying: "In the front, we have a range that’s SC1 and SC2. Actually, the SC1 is working well in almost every place. 

"But there are some circuits like this one, Mandalika and Assen where the SC1 suffers a little bit because of the wear of the tyres. 

"The thing that we saw last year is the SC2 is not the solution because it could give you more life but the grip you lose is too much from the riders’ point of view. 

"With these two new tyres, we tried to have more durability but the grip very close to the SC1. We succeeded with that yesterday in the test."

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