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Dani is pretty fast too. However, because of his small build, he struggles in certain conditions, while he really shines in other. Even if Dani was going to move to Suzuki, and this is far fetched, because when rumored to move to Yamaha before Maverick Viñales was engaged, there were reports that Mark Marquez pushed hard to have him stay in Honda. Nevertheless, I think MM does not much care who is his team mate, it makes sense that he would like to keep DP as a very dependable partner, but anyone else would be fine too. At some point, I thought Alex Marquez would join him, but unless Alex wins this year's Moto2 championship, I doubt it will happen.
It is not going to happen.... it is REPSOL Honda, REPSOL is Spanish, and I would be really surprised if they were to approve a French man in their team. Don't get me wrong, I would be delighted to see Zarco on a Honda. I would dare to say that when Pedrosa moves, providing he does, his seat will be given to one of the promising young Spanish riders in the queue. What about Mir?
He struggled last year, but this is FP2 on the first GP. He finished alright the last few races last season, and he will start from there. Its liikely that he will improve with time and then we will see... right now, its too soon. Its perfectly possible that he will just keep improving and after just a few races, he can be on the top. He has enough talent. In the end, everyone bets on Marc to win, over Dovi, Lorenzo, Rossi, Ianonne or Vinales... Doesn't matter.
Wish to see Oliveira champion, he seems not too far and consistent, its important that he keeps the himself on the top in the first races, so that when all the teams settle a bit, he can make the difference as a pilot. Then its about skill and either he has it or not. Hoping that he will do.
Same here, maybe he will need a few/some races to adapt (and maybe I am wrong and cause this is just FP2 on the first race) but I think if he makes good results in the begining and keeps himself with a title race spot open in the first 5 or 6 races, then he will be a propper contender to the title by the end of the season.
BTW I think this is it for Bradley, and the other KTM guy while the young guns are right there waiting.