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Don't forget the Brazilian GP in 2002, when Pele couldn't manage the job as he was too busy chatting.
To do. Theres no proof MM could jump on any bike and win a WC on it (BTW I'm not one of thoese saying he should leave HRC to be a 'true champion's as they'll only find something else to rubbish him) Same applies to DP as he only rode a Honda?! They both might struggle with a more friendly bike (doubtful but could). Also VR changed bikes and won. I agree this season doesn't look good, abysmal even, but he was also lost at Ducati until he won 3 races. Like said once he clicked he won 3 races and was 2nd in championship before injury. I think he'd be doing well this season had he remained. Cant see JZ doing any better and his recent problems with KTM also make him look a quitter. I can understand replacing TN so he can recover for next season, but cant see why HRC would want to replace either TN or JL with JZ.
well, bottas would have been closer to hamilton except for team orders through the year and also deliberate  strategies to use bottas to hold up others to allow hamilton get ahead.   so it is a bit late to say that they will allow him to fight hamilton.
All talks from Cal that if he leans the Honda as MM does he will be biting dust but the last race I have seen MM chasing FQ and entering the corners, the Honda machine can turn on a dime me thinks. As JL, Zarco is exemplary in doing round corners a la Yamaha. Wondering how he to work the corners with his sweeping style making the corners. Certainly not working for JL despite.
Points scored in the last 5 races since teaming up with Verstappen at Red Bull. Albon - 48 Verstappen - 31